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Sailing Summer Camp

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Sailing Summer Camp

Real Club Marítimo de Marbella

This year NaluSur offers a Sailing Camp in collaboration with the Real Club Marítimo de Marbella.

What we have done is unite the Club’s seafaring tradition, its great experience in previous Camps and we have added the style of the NaluSur Camp to it, so that everything is more dynamic and fun for the children, as well as easier for the parents at the time of contacting us, getting information and booking.

Our intention is clear, we want the children to enjoy the summer to the fullest and get closer to the sea and sports, now while also practicing Sailing.

The NaluSur Sailing Summer Camp and the Maritime Club are the perfect space to have fun, get close to Sailing, do sports, make friends, be outdoors, in the Sea and learn to sail!

Sailing is one of the oldest, most complex and beautiful disciplines that humans have done for thousands of years and that is why a good base of theoretical, technical and practical knowledge is essential.

What will you learn at our Sailing Summer Camp?

sailing camp

It all depends on whether children and adolescents have previous sailing experience or not, depending on this they will be part of the initiation or improvement group.

Initiation group: collective boats, max 7 students and the instructor

The students learn the first basic notions on the handling of the boats and they make the first contact with a sailing boat and its operation. As well as the names and parts of the sailing boats, the bearings, the knots and other basic concepts.

Improvement group: individual boats, Optimist or laser

Students go from a collective boat to an individual boat where they will have to put into practice the knowledge acquired in the previous year. Learn how to handle the boat on their own, as well as begin to navigate with ease in the different directions and winds.

The objective of the NaluSur Sailing Camps – Club Marítimo is to make the most of this opportunity, get closer to sailing, the sea and have such a good experience that it leaves you always wanting more!

Do not forget that it is about Summer Camps, you have to have fun, sail, play sports, make friends and spend an unforgettable summer.

Surely from these Camps many of those who are lucky enough to live in Marbella and its surroundings will continue throughout the year to delve into Sailing.

sailing school

How is the day to day in the Sailing Camp?

Once all the participants have arrived they are divided into age groups and types of boats.

Nothing is more dynamic than the state of the sea and the wind with an ever-changing meteorology, the whole day will be conditioned by the strength and direction of the wind as well as the waves. Regardless of this, every day they have:

  • Groups divided by age and type of boat
  • Assignment of materials such as vests
  • Assembling the boats
  • A little theory
  • Exit to the sea on board of either a sailing boat ( Optimist, Lasers, Platús, Raqueros), or Zodiacs, Kayaks or WindSurf boards
  • Practicing what they learned during the theoretic part
  • Breakfast on land or at sea depending on the day
  • Make the most of wind conditions
  • Games at sea or on land if conditions do not allow for safe navigation
  • Continuous evaluation of the monitors to see the progression of the children and to determine in which boat they will continue the next day.
  • Arrival at the Port and the Maritime Club
  • Collection of boats and material. Cleaning it properly.

What resources does the Club and NaluSur have?

  • A fleet of 10 Optimists for initiation
  • 4 Lasers
  • 1 Raquero – Collective boat
  • 2 Platu
  • 25 regatta boats – Collective boats
  • 3 WindSurf boards
  • 3 Zodiacs – Collective boats
  • 1 Rigid Boat – Collective Boat
  • 5 Kayaks

All this allows us to have more than 70 participants in the water at the same time, but we have limited places to 40 per week.

For every 8 children in the water there is an instructor and also on land we have a coordination team for beach activities and extra personnel for emergencies or rescue.

What you need to know

The summer camp is divided by age, type of boats and experience of the participants. Sailing has always encouraged camaraderie, responsibility with colleagues and materials, but above all enjoying the freedom of the sea and outdoor sports.


  • Contingency Plan against COVID 19 endorsed by the Spanish Surf Federation, the National Association of Active Tourism Companies and ICTE
  • Informative document with recommendations to parents
  • Civil Liability Insurance of the company up to € 600,000
  • Accident insurance. Coverage up to € 6,000 of intervention
  • Mandatory federative cursillesta card (7 euros per week – 30 euros per year)
  • Small groups and differentiated by age groups
  • Initiation collective boats – Raqueros and Platus
  • Individual initiation boats – Optimist – Laser
  • Zodiacs and support boat
  • Kayaks
  • Sailor knot workshop
  • Theoretical course on navigation, safety and meteorology
  • Use of mandatory vest in water activities
  • Instructors certified by the Andalusian Sailing Federation
  • Technicians in Conducting Physical Sports Activities in the Natural Environment / Technicians of each specialty
  • Use of the facilities of the Marbella Maritime Club adapted to the protocols against contagion COVID 19

Not included:

  • federative licence: weekly – 5€ , monthly – 7€ y annually – 16€


Summer Camp Full Week

Monday – Friday  10:00 – 14:00

  • 1 week: € 150 (€ 140 for former students)
  • 2 weeks: € 280

Price for active members of the Real Club Marítimo de Marbella € 120 per week.


sailing boats

All registrations will be made through our website. Once the registration is made, you will receive an email with the instructions to make the payment of the deposit and thus make the reservation effective.

Reservations will be 100% refundable if we are forced to cancel the Camp by recommendation or obligation of the Health or Sports Authorities.

Do you have any questions?

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