What to do in Marbella

BEST Things to do in Marbella – Adventure bucket list

Best things to do in Marbella is a collection of unique outdoor activities that take you off the beaten path and into the beauty of Andalucia, starting from Marbella, maximum 30 minutes drive from the old town of Marbella.  There are many things to do in Marbella, in the city but most of them cultural and you can read about those in most the of the posts regarding what to do in Marbella. I have decided to take you on a different journey and show you the lesser known part of this famous city, and its outskirts by taking you into the heart of the mountains that provide this unique microclimate in Marbella. 

BEST things to do in Marbella - What makes Marbella so special?

Marbella has a microclimate that provides a warm temperature all year long and is mostly due to its location, at the base of the mountains. It is a place almost everyone who comes to Andalucia knows about that because so well known due to the celebrities that chose this destination as one of their favourite ones. What not too many people know is the beauty that surrounds the city of Marbella and that, if combined with the beauty of the city can provide an unforgettable experience to its visitors. Bellow you can read about my recommendations when it comes to what to do in Marbella. 

1. Explore the white villages by e-mountain bike

Top 10 activities in Marbella - bike

Exploring the mountains around Marbella was never as easy as it is using an e-mountain bike. And Marbella’s surroundings are stunning, a paradise for nature lovers, with lush green hills, amazing views over the Mediterranean sea and lovely white villages hidden in the mountains. So much to do and discover. NaluSur provides the best E-Mountain Bike tours in Costa del Sol, not to brag, but it is what our customers say, you can see for yourself in the TripAdvisor reviews. 

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2. Hike La Concha, the highest peak in Marbella

Paddle surf en Marbella - La Concha peak

The mountain flanking Marbella to the North rises like a giant, with its highest peak, La Concha providing the most impressive mountain viewpoint in Costa del Sol. Located in the heart of Sierra Blanca, just a few kilometres away from Marbella, lies this imposing rocky mountain amongst the soft shapes of the coast. From the top of La Concha you can admire the Mediterranean Sea, the coast of Morocco and Gibraltar. The hike to La Concha has a duration of about 7-8 hours depending on your rhythm with the last part being quite challenging. If you do not feel prepared for such a strenuous hike, you can hike up to the second highest peak on this mountain range, called El Juanar, about a 3-4 hours hike from Marbella. 

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3. Visit Benahavis and hike its surroundings

The village of Benahavis is just a short drive away from Marbella and Estepona, located in the mountains of Sierra Blanca. A charming small mountain village, ideal for those who wish to include in their trip to Marbella an authentic Spanish experience. You can do a hike in the surroundings and then visit the village and have lunch in one of the restaurants in the main plaza. 

4. Have a thrilling Canyoning experience in the Guadalmina river

Canyoning Marbella, jump

Who would imagine that so close to Marbella and in the dry and sunny South of Spain you can find such a treasure. Imperceptible, from the main road, the impressive canyon formed by Guadalmina river that borders the Eastern part of Benahavis village, is one of the best hidden treasures of this region. If you are a novice when it comes to canyoning it would be better to go on an organised tour, that way you receive all the equipment needed to do this activity in a safe manner alongside a guide who knows very well every inch of the river. 

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5. Enjoy the sea by doing a Kayak tour

The sea, the breeze, the beautiful Marbella coast, wouldn’t you want to enjoy all this? Probably the best way to enjoy the sea, a Kayak tour (link to tour) provides a great option for those who prefer an active encounter with the sea. And if you are accompanied by a guide who can tell you a bit about the surroundings and Marbella’s history, even better. 

6. Soak in the Sunset beauty while Paddle Boarding

Paddle surf a la puesta del sol - close-up

The sunsets are just spectacular in Southern Spain, especially in September and October. Enjoy this magical sunset light from a Paddle Board in the middle of the sea and then top it off with a tapa and a drink in a chiringuito on the beach, continuing to enjoy the sunset. You can book you experience here.

7. Stroll the wooden boardwalk in Cabopino

Cabopino beach is one of the most beautiful ones in Marbella, even though in the last 3 years it became quite popular since the parking has been expanded and the wooden boardwalk has been created through the sand dunes. It makes a wonderful afternoon experience that is best to have at sunset. There are 2 restaurants on the beach in Cabopino where you can have dinner afterwards, Andy’s Beach and Restaurante La Loncha. 

8. Visit the beautiful old town of Marbella, Alameda park and Avenida del Mar

Marbella, casco antiguo

Marbella’s old town (Casco Antiguo) is a compulsory visit during your holidays in Marbella, with narrow streets, lined with colourful flowers and traditional buildings, many shops and tapas bars. Have a tapa and a drink in one of the restaurants in Plaza de los Naranjos.  

9. Enjoy the tasty Spanish food, eat in local Spanish restaurants

If you like seafood and you are looking for a good restaurant with fresh fish and seafood every day, you should try Restaurante 200 in Marbesa, a restaurant with a lot of history, by the sea, with impressive views, very simple but very Spanish, or Restaurante Aquí te Quiero Ver in El Rosario or Restaurante La Red on the promenade in Marbella. 

10. Bike to Puerto Banus following the promenade

Bike ride Marbella to Puerto Banus

The promenade is probably the most visited place in Marbella, with beautiful views over the sea and the coast, with a variety of restaurants and shops to choose from. Rent a bike and ride to Puerto Banus along the promenade.

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